Friday, May 1, 2015

"Sylvan Dreaming" published

The  poetry book "Sylvan Dreaming", written by me, has been published and is now available on Amazon for $12.

Link to buy it:

A few of the poems from "Sylvan Dreaming":

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy
The warmth and safety of
Home and hearth,
But sometimes
When the rain falls
And all else is quiet
I dream of traveling
To places far beyond
The borders.
To other places, other worlds,
The worlds within my dreams.

(For a friend)
Little filly
Run like wind
Faster than the colts.
Shining golden
Dappled fur
Glows in the
Morning light.
Eyes of blue
And sky of blue
Leopard wants
To touch the sky.
Springing high
Above the ground,
Can you fly?

Soft silver moon,
Black velvet night,
Sky speckled with starlight.
She flies,
Her great wings spread-
Shining silver tinged with gold,
Her feathers sparkling, glinting
When moonlight touches them.
Scales glisten, shine
In starlight, moonlight.
The sound of pack-song far below-
She banks, dives.
Wolves move aside
From the stone where they gathered,
Continue their howls.
She lands,
Her mane glitters
Like dewdrops on spiderwebs.
Circling wolves’ howls
Strengthen her
Even as she rests
From her long journey.
Pups climb along her rough back,
Between her spikes.
The smallest, at her head
Chews her antler-tips
But she does not mind.
Sky-blue eyes glow,
She wraps her long shimmering tail
About her, feathers and spines lay flat.
Her leaf-like tail-tip covers up her face.
Curved, sharp claws now sheathed,
Paws curled beneath her body,
Great wings folded over her back,
She softly trills like a bird,
Calming the pups.
Scale and feather,
Claw and antler,
Talon wrapped pearl,
Silver blue eyes
All start to glow,
Making the wolves’ pelts shine
With the softness
Of moonglow.


  1. Congratulations, Sarah! :)

    I know I have said that a lot already, but seriously. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. :) *hugs*

    I hope it sells well! I'll be hoping for the best!