Thursday, February 19, 2015

Writings in Progress

To whom it may concern:

As of right now, I actually have several books in progress.

"Sylvan Dreaming" is my main focus at the moment. It is a book of 20 of my poems. The poems are finished, but the illustrations are still in progress. I hope to get it out by the end of this year.

I also have an as-yet-unnamed novella, or possibly graphic novel in progress that focuses on an alternate dimension with anthropomorphic animals. Specifically, there is a group of heroes in this world, who go to investigate a huge, unnatural storm that threatens to flood their valley home. The heroes are as follows: Aeolus, male fox archer, Dreamer, female woodchuck mediator with power over dreams, Naida, female otter ranger with water powers (and best fighter of the original team), Banhi, male lizard with fire powers (and fiery temper), Gardenia, very shy doe with nature magic, and Zephyra, shy female sparrow who can fly and has some wind/air magic. These heroes, on their journey up the mountain to the source of the storm, meet with a 'feral' black she-cat with power over darkness named Nocturna, who is actually the best fighter, and the most vicious and animalistic, because she's been living wild since kitten-hood. She thinks 'civilized' creatures are inferior, but agrees to help because her home will be flooded too if the storm does not end. But before the heroes can get to the source of the storm, they need to survive the 'wild-lands' of the mountains, bandits, and more...
Once this story is done, I already have multiple sequels/prequels/side-stories in mind.

There is also the "Children of the Owl" story I outlined in my previous post.

But my main focus novel-wise are six novels, interconnected, that center around a powerful girl named Star of Darkness (Star for short). She is the queen of a pack of shapeshifting, somewhat animalistic, yet strong and intelligent, warrior women (whose true form is a wolf with some feline features, and also have bat-like wings covered with owl-like feathers). These warriors live in a dimension based on the balance of nature, where everything is still wild. Their entire world is magic-based rather than science/logic-based. In winter, the balance is thrown off by demonic creatures that inhabit the deepest caves- they are in suspended animation of sorts until winter, and once freed, destroy all they can. These warrior women are the only creatures standing between total destruction by these beasts and survival of their world. Unfortunately, the queen gets into a deadly fight with one of the demons, who magic-blasts her into an alternate world- much less wild. She wants to go home, but her powers are depleted. In her travels there, as she tries to find a way home, she meets a young half-human, half-fox boy, who is constantly being hunted by demonic creatures and evil mages, who is very weak. She ends up saving his life, and he becomes completely obedient and devoted to her. But with all the creatures and people trying to kill him, he needs to be protected or he will not survive. His constantly needing rescue keeps her from her home, as she chooses to keep him for his loyalty rather than let him die (because her kind has high value on loyalty) and return to her world (her magic is too weak to take them both to her world). She has many adventures on her journey, but always longs for home, for her sisters, and for her pack...

The above six stories ('Star Stories' as I collectively call them) are actually in the process of a major rewrite, as I have figured out her world's culture finally, and need to alter the stories accordingly. The initial plot will be the same, but I need to make her show more of her culture in her travels. I also plan to do a 'guide book' of sorts that will have even more detail on her world and its history.

(Later on I may devote an entire post to the 'Star Stories'- what they are, the plot, the characters, etc., but this is all for now).

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dream from January 2014/story from dream preview


It started out normal enough; taking a swim in a pool, but then turned bizarre. I was approached by a dark-clad girl with white hands and no face (which oddly enough didn't scare me). She was a ghost, and led me to another ghost, this one a boy who was murdered. I helped him avenge his death, which set him free. And apparently his old teacher was taken by the same murderer, so my attack freed them both.

Later I was trying to sleep, while still in the dream, and a group of kids who seemed very unusual appeared. They had eyes the size and shape of an owl's. They knew the ghosts, and one asked if I was Solar or Lunar Alignment. Because I like the night, I said Lunar.
The leader of the group said I was perfect, then the rest of the group picked me up and carried me to their hideout. They had laser beam motion detectors to prevent anyone but them from getting in. Their headquarters was in a giant hollow tree, and once inside, they said they needed to summon a magical creature.

Strangely enough, at this point I knew it was a dream and how it would end. But when I tried to wake up, one of the kids said I had to stay a little longer and gave me a handful of coins. They said that once the spell was complete, I would be returned home easily. I didn't really have much choice though, as I was bound by magic. But as they completed the spell, one said something about a 'mirror woman'.
I didn't know what that was, but it sounded rather bad. I assumed it meant they would send a mirror-version duplicate of me back to my world and keep me there as their 'lunar goddess' or something similar. I managed to escape and woke up.

Story outline/characters based on this dream (still in very early stages, title is "Children of the Owl") :

Kiralune: Native American-like girl (though the story does not take place in this world) with 'true sight'- that is she can travel through both dreams and reality.  In the dream world she wears white traditional dress and has big white feather wings.Good alignment.

Owl Children (Most names TBD, leader named Snow) : owl-like eyes, have feathers in hair/on clothes. They can fly and have hypnotic powers/night magic, which gets stronger on the full moon. Good to neutral alignment.

Night Pixies: mischief makers that routinely cause trouble for mortals, sometimes temporarily trapping them in the dream world. Neutral alignment.

Dark mage (name TBD) : Evil sorcerer who traps mortal souls/spirit-selves/whatever you call it in the dream world permanently unless his magic is undone. Motive TBD. Evil alignment.


World of Dream (made of landscapes that seem to change with every step, lots of glowing plants/rocks/everything else, creatures of magic everywhere).

 "Tree of Dreams"- that is an enormous ancient tree that is immortal with what looks like glowing golden fruits (actually condensed dream magic) hanging from branches, gold leaves, silver trunk. Is getting sick because of the Dark Mage's evil magic.

'Real' world: similar to this world but with a lot less technology- no cars, just horses, no one conquering other lands/people,etc

Plot (not going to reveal too much of course) : Kiralune is meditating in the woods and sees a ghost, actually a young boy whose soul/spirit-self/whatever you call it is trapped in the world of Dream. He sensed her powerful magic and asked her for help. He wants to be freed and to help free the others the dark mage has trapped, and keep him from trapping anyone again. NOTE: telling any more of the plot would be spoilers, so I won't. You'll have to wait for the book to come out (which won't be for a long time probably-sorry!)


Greetings, readers.

My first name is Sarah, I am a college student and an aspiring novelist and poet. With luck I might get a book of poems I've written published this year. I make no guarantees.


Writing (specifically fantasy and poetry)

Reading high fantasy, poetry books, etc.

Comic books (Superhero, 'kiddie', and whatever else catches my eye)

Cartoons (especially superhero and 'funny-animal')


Drawing (though I can't really draw realistic or cartoony).

Contemplating things/figuring things out (both existing in reality and existing in my stories)


Having surprisingly deep conversations with friends and family (sometimes) and (more often) discussing cartoons/comic books with my friends and family.

Some random facts:

I have at least a dozen novels in progress, several of which are in the process of a complete rewrite as I have figured out more of the culture of the world and characters that exist within.

I've written probably hundreds of poems, though there are only a few I like enough to try to publish if I can.

One of my poems got published in my high school's literary magazine my sophomore year, and that same poem placed second in 2 poetry contests: one in my high school and one at my grandmother's senior center.

I have very vivid dreams, some of which are inspiration for my novels or scenes within them.

I have two lovely cats that have inspired some poems, drawings, and paintings.

I hope to eventually get a job as a field biologist.

This blog will probably consist of:

Some of the vivid dreams I mentioned that would make good stories

Sneak peeks of stories and books (including poetry) that I have in progress.

(Possibly) some of my artwork

And probably random posts about whatever comes to mind at the time every so often.

The blog will be updated approximately whenever I feel like it. So check back here once in a while.